alaska technology retreat

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alaska technology retreat

Composed of multiple program types, this retreat is a guided experience of moments that immerse visitors in the wilderness of Valdez, Alaska. Upon arrival, a communal lodge and workspace is perceived as a minimal and natural form of stone and steel, nestled into the landscape. Visitors are drawn into the warm and open lodge, which projects out to reveal the rest of the site within a monumental landscape. Further down the hillside are small clusters of steel-clad cabins, arranged around a series of communal spaces. Each cabin provides quiet and unique spatial moments within an efficiently composed shell. Along the water’s edge are a series of simple volumes set within the earth to act as both spa and meditative space – bringing visitors into the landscape before returning them to a private and curated moment in nature. All structures are stitched together through a series of paths and trails that act as subtle directors and allow visitors to explore the raw Alaskan terrain.



location: Valdez, AK
area: Varies
status: Design


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